About our spices

We trade and distribute spices sourced directly from the origin thru our network of approved suppliers and reliable third party producers. The spices department applies skill, market intelligence and an supply-chain experience in the spice trade to serve and add value for our clients.

Our long history in trading since 1908 and our experienced Traders ensures that we can provide competitive offers, market information and full time assistance to meet delivery schedules – maintaining these standards has ensured that we continue to be a reliable spice partner from origin to your facility.

We understand our customer’s needs and provide comprehensive support throughout and beyond the contractual agreements we establish – service is paramount to us. We believe in the importance of relationships between buyer and seller, establishing trust and confidence that can be relied upon. Our partners include ingredients suppliers, food processing companies and distributors, including multinational enterprises, cooperatives, governmental agencies and traders.


With in-house product experts in the origin, we are able to be present during harvest, processing and production to control and monitor the quality of produce in accordance to our customer requirements.

All incoming shipments are sampled and analyzed to ensure they meet ours and our customers quality standards.


Microbiological and chemical testing completed at ISO certified laboratories and European Accredited Laboratories.


Our company is BRC Certified Agents & Brokers and we are also Organic Certified. We are full member of the Dutch Spice Association.

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