Daarnhouwer Coffee

Daarnhouwer Coffee sources specialty and commercial grade coffees from all continents.

Our client portfolio includes small craft roasters to mid-sized and big industrial processors.

Our young team of coffee traders and graders is constantly travelling around the world to conduct crop surveys, visit partner suppliers and ensure that the quality of our coffees meets the requirements of our clientele.

Since the 1980’s Daarnhouwer operates a subsidiary in Sumatra, Indonesia to source green coffee.

After 110 years, a strong focus on quality and knowledge are still central to Daarnhouwer’s business model. We are constantly working on expanding our collection of high grade coffees. And we have also recently been appointed the first SCA Premier Training Campus in The Netherlands where Q Arabica Training courses are periodically organized.

We know our coffees

 All incoming samples are prepared by our highly skilled Quality Team. The samples are roasted optimally, cupped and stored in our state of the art lab in Zaandam: type and pre-shipment samples as well as samples drawn after the lots have arrived to the warehouse. All our coffees have a score and cupping notes prepared by by our in house Q graders.

Sharing our coffee knowledge


Looking for certified coffees? We are licensed to trade UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and  Fairtrade certified coffees.