Daarnhouwer Cocoa

Daarnhouwer & Co. began its operations in 1908 by importing cocoa to Europe. We were part of the first Fairtrade certification initiative in the world and became the first importers of Fairtrade certified cocoa in the 1980’s. We were also pioneers in sourcing and supplying small quantities of cocoa with special flavour characteristics for craft chocolate makers.

Nowadays our name is synonymous with fine flavour cocoa.  Chocolate makers can choose from a broad palette of flavours.  Our impressive collection from 32 different origins (and counting!) is stored in Amsterdam to ensure right on time delivery.

The stories, people and flavours behind our cocoa beans form the basis for award winning and inspiring chocolate on all continents.

We know our cocoas

At our cocoa lab we test our cocoa beans through every stage: from the raw bean all the way to liquor and chocolate. Understanding our beans and their potential allows us to find the best matches for the products you want to create.

We keep samples of each and every one of our cocoa lots at our lab. These samples represent a wide spectrum of flavours and possibilities. If you would like a personalised tasting and/or flavour advisory session, please contact us.

Cocoa Products

Cocoa Liquor

We have the possibility to offer custom made liquor from all of the beans in our collection.

Looking for bigger volumes? We also offer container loads shipped from origin or from Amsterdam.

Cocoa Butter

We’re a one stop shop for your chocolate making needs. Contact us for our latest list of deodorised and natural butters.

Cocoa Powder

Let us help you find the right powder for your production needs: natural or alkalized powders with different fat contents and colours.