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Madagascar Åkesson Organic

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Product Details

Region and Country

Lower Sambirano Valley, Northwest Madagascar


Lucien Millot, a native of Nantua in east France, immigrated to Madagascar in 1901. He established a plantation where he harvested coffee, coconut trees, cassava, vanilla and pepper. He also distilled citronella and ylang-ylang. In 1920 he introduced the first cacao trees to the plantation. The trees came from the Botanic Garden of Buitenzorg (ex-Bogor) in Java. Millot’s original property was split into parcels. One of these parcels was bought in the 70’s by a Swedish trader and ex-diplomat by the name of Carl Gustaf Bertil Åkesson.
Nowadays Bertil Åkesson is the proud bearer of his father’s cacao heritage and produces top quality cacao at the Åkesson Organic Plantation (formerly known as Sagit). The plantation is located in the lush Sambirano Valley and spread on a property of over 2000 hectares where cacao is grown along coffee and pepper. AO also runs a separate plantation for the production and extraction of ylang ylang, AO pride themselves in their sustainable production methods and are an example of social and environmental entrepreneurship.


October – November and May – June


80% Trinitario, 10% Criollo and 10% Forastero

Post Harvesting Process

Fermentation takes place in tiered wooden boxes during 6 days and is turned 3 times. Once fermented, the beans are spread out to dry in the sun.


Rich chocolate base with a fruity/citrussy acidity and notes of red berries and nuts.


Net weight65 kg





Lower Sambirano Valley


500gr Sample, 65kg Bags

Centrally fermented


Cocoa type

Single plantation

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