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Colombia Hacienda Betulia Mixtura

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Product Details

Region and Country

North-western province of Antioquia, Colombia


Cultivated since colonial times, cocoa was a steady Colombian export until the 1920’s. Colombia was famous for its criollo varieties such as the Cacao de Montaña from Santa Marta and the Antiguo Real from San Faustino. Cocoa made a comeback as a national export in the mid 1980’s. By then, the criollos had become a rarity and had been replaced by a mix of Trinitario hybrids.
Seven years ago, Hacienda Betulia was established by a Colombian-Swiss family nearby the town of Maceo. Their cacao is grown under an agroforestry scheme on 15 hectares, alongside 30 hectares of protected native forest boasting a rich biodiversity.
The Hacienda selected its own Criollo trees – known locally as Betulia – to propagate a collection of light coloured beans with rare and complex flavours.


December – April (main crop) August – September (mid-crop)


The name Mixtura refers to a mix of Criollo clones and Trinitario hybrids, all growing on the farm.

Post Harvesting Process

5 days fermentation, 3 turns in wooden boxes. The beans are then dried for 9 days on wooden tables.


Strong body with a strong cocoa base and powerful fruit notes of plum and apple combined with alcoholic and maple syrup notes.


Net weight50 kg

South America




North-western province of Antioquia


500gr Sample, 50kg Bags

Centrally fermented


Cocoa type

Single plantation

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