“Join us on a flavour voyage around the world of cocoa, coffee and tree nuts.”


Meet the Saint Vincent Cocoa Company

Welcome to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines! When you hear the name of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines you probably think of the tropical island nation as an exclusive holiday...

We’re a certified SCA Premier Training Campus!

STATE OF THE ART COFFEE LAB                At Daarnhouwer Coffee we aim to provide our customers with unique coffees from around the world. As...

Exploring the world of coffee in Colombia

Colombia is a fascinating country, with 3 major mountain ranges (Cordilleras), coffee growing region spanning 11 degrees of latitude. Its unique geography means it can offer coffee all year around....
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About Daarnhouwer & Co.

Daarnhouwer & Co. is a vibrant company with a long history in international agrocommodities trade. Since 1908 we have been sourcing fine flavour cocoa, tree nuts and specialty coffee from all over the world.

The company is proud of its long standing relationships with producers around the world, sometimes spanning several generations of farmers.

These stable and sustainable supply chains combined with years of accumulated knowledge and an energetic young team of professionals makes Daarnhouwer a high profile player in the world of quality agro-commodities.

As a specialty trading house, we aim to offer a wide range of services to our clients: quality control in origin and upon delivery, trainings and tastings, flavour advisory, tailor made logistics solutions, certification, price-risk management and on-time delivery.


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